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J.D. is the creator of WordPoints. In addition to web development, he also enjoys nature photography. The most important thing about him, though, is that Jesus Christ died for him to pay for his sins. He looks forward to meeting Jesus face to face in heaven one day, and he hopes he’ll see you there, too.

WordPoints 2.4.0 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of WordPoints 2.4.0. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs, polishes up some existing features, and also adds some new features. Extensions One of the focuses in this feature is modules, which we’ve decided to rename to extensions. With this release, WordPoints extensions can now

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WooCommerce Module Update Released!

Yesterday, WooCommerce version 3.0 was released, and today I’m pleased to announce the release of a long-awaited update for the WooCommerce module. We would have released this update sooner, but we were waiting for WooCommerce 3.0 to be released, due to compatibility concerns. The new version of the module improves compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0 and

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Version 2.3.0 Released

WordPoints version 2.3.0 has just been released, and includes several new features and improvements, in addition to some minor security hardening and a few small bug fixes. First, a small security issue was patched similar to a fix that was made to WordPress itself in version 4.7.3. It was discovered that the Delete Plugins screen

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BuddyPress Module Beta 1

I am pleased to announce the availability of an initial beta version of the long-awaited BuddyPress module. This is one of the most requested integrations so far, but it had taken me a while to finally be able to work on it. But without further ado, here is the link that you can use to

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Version 2.1.4 and 2.2.0 beta 1

If you hadn’t noticed, a bugfix for WordPoints was released a few days ago. WordPoints 2.1.4 fixed a bug in version 2.1, and also included some minor security hardening, thanks to @e3amn2l. The bug that was fixed was an issue with events for publishing posts, pages, and other post types. This issue caused any reactions

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WordPress Compatibility Policy Update

I’ve recently been thinking about the need to standardize WordPoints’s WordPress compatibility policy and release cycle for the benefit of module development. I’ve sort of tried to standardize WordPoints’s release cycle before, but it never really happened. However, the development of many new modules will mean that there will need to be a definite beta

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2.1.0 Released!

After almost a year in development, I’m very happy to announce the release of WordPoints 2.1. This release introduces a new administration screen to WordPoints: the Points Types screen. This screen is where you can create points types and update the settings for existing points types. It also introduces a new feature: event reactions. These

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