BuddyPress Module Development Under Way

Many of you have been looking forward to the integration of WordPoints with BuddyPress for some time. Well, I’m happy to report that development of the module is officially under way. I had actually hoped that I would be further along than I am, but there were some other things that I had to tend to which had been on the back burner while WordPoints 2.1 was under development. Now that much of that is taken care of, I’m able to begin work on the BuddyPress module in earnest.

The plan is to release an initial version by the end of the year. This will probably take place sometime in December, but could possibly be before that. The initial version probably won’t have every feature, but updates with additional features will follow as I receive your feedback and feature requests.

I also intend to release a beta version of the module for everybody to test sometime soon. This probably won’t happen until sometime after mid-October. The reason being that the module depends upon some changes in the upcoming version of BuddyPress (2.7), which will be released around October 12.

If there are some features that you’d specifically like to see in this module, please let me know in the comments below, so I can better prioritize what to put into the initial version. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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  1. Joe Barcala

    I need to give points to my users if they share into Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Is it possible? Thanks

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