The [wordpoints_user_rank] shortcode displays a user’s rank.

Basic Usage: #


The default usage of the shortcode displays the rank of the current user. If the points component is active, the points_type attribute is available, and if it is omitted the default points type will be used if one is set. Otherwise you need to specify which points type to display the rank for:

[wordpoints_user_rank points_type="credits"]

If you are using the ranks component with the points component deactivated, you need to specify a rank group using the rank_group attribute instead.

Specifying a User #

To display the points of a specific user, rather than just the current user, you must use the user_id attribute:

[wordpoints_user_rank user_id="5"]


[wordpoints_user_rank points_type="credits" user_id="5"]

You can also choose to display the rank of the author of a post by using the shortcode within the post’s content and specifying post_author as the value of the user_id attribute:

[wordpoints_user_rank user_id="post_author"]