This widget displays the current user’s points and the log entries for their most recent transactions. It offers several setting options which you can configure to fit your needs.

Setting the Title #

Setting the title for the widget is as simple as entering¬† your desired title in the “Title” text field. The title is “My Points” by default, but you can change that to anything you want. You can even leave it blank.

Selecting the Points Type #

Next you can select which points type you want the widget to display. If you have set a default points type, it will already be selected. You can display more than one points type using multiple instances of the widget.

Setting the Widget Text #

You can use the Widget Text field to add any text you want the widget to display. By using the %points% placeholder, you can display the number of points the user has. For example, “You have %points% credits” will display something like “You have 590 credits”. If desired, you can use the placeholder more than once to display the points multiple times in your text.

The text which you enter in this field will be displayed only if the user is logged in. If they aren’t logged in, we don’t know how many points they have! You can set an alternate text to display to logged out or unregistered users. If you want to just hide the widget when the user isn’t logged in, leave the alternate text field blank.

Changing the Number of Logs Displayed #

This widget will display the most recent log entries for points transactions affecting this user. You can change the number of log entries displayed to whatever amount you want.  This is a maximum number, and fewer logs may be displayed if not that many are available. To keep the logs from being displayed, set the number to zero.