Version 2.1.4 and 2.2.0 beta 1

If you hadn’t noticed, a bugfix for WordPoints was released a few days ago. WordPoints 2.1.4 fixed a bug in version 2.1, and also included some minor security hardening, thanks to @e3amn2l. The bug that was fixed was an issue with events for publishing posts, pages, and other post types. This issue caused any reactions to those events to fire when a published post was updated. Points would be removed, then added, then removed again. That issue is fixed by this update, and the points logs and user’s points amounts have been corrected.

Now I’d like to announce the availability of WordPoints 2.2.0 beta 1. This is a beta version of the next feature update for WordPoints, which will include several changes, and will be released sometime in early December.

First, the Rate Limits for event reactions have been updated to support more granular configuration. Before, you could only select from the predefined time periods. But now you can set the number of minutes/hours/days/etc.

Rate Limit with the settings to award users no more than once in 5 minutes.The points logs have also been updated so that entries that are hidden from some users are marked as such when they are displayed to a user who is able to view them:

Section of the points logs table showing an entry for a post that is only visible to users who can view the post.More features are in the works that will be a part of WordPoints 2.3.0. Not as many new features are being added in 2.2.0 because a lot of work has gone into fixing bugs in 2.1 and developing new modules. (More on that shortly.)

If you would like to beta test 2.2.0, you can download it here, or update to it using the beta tester module. If you find any issues, be sure to let us know so that we can fix them before 2.2.0 is released in a few weeks. Thank you!

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