The [wordpoints_how_to_get_points] shortcode displays a list of ways that users can earn points, and how many points they will earn from each action.

Example list displayed by the [wordpoints_how_to_get_points] shortcode.

Example list displayed by the [[wordpoints_how_to_get_points]] shortcode.

Basic Usage: #


The shortcode will display a list of ways that points can be earned. The shortcode assumes it should display the list for the default points type, if one is set. To specify a different points type, use the points_type attribute:

[wordpoints_how_to_get_points points_type="credits"]

Changing the Descriptions #

The list is generated based on the event reactions that you’ve created. You can change the description of an action in the list by editing the description of that reaction:

Post Publish event reaction highlighting the description field at the top of the settings form..

On legacy sites, you may also have created some points hooks. You can also edit the descriptions for these by editing the points hooks: