Points Logs

The Points Logs widget lets you display the most recent points logs in your sidebar or other widget area.

Setting the Points Type #

Begin configuring the widget by selecting the points type whose logs you want to display from the dropdown. If you have set a default points type, it will be selected by default. You can only display the logs of one points type per widget — if you want to display the logs of another points type as well, drag another instance of the widget into the sidebar.

Number of Log Entries #

The 10 most recent log entries are displayed by the widget by default, but you can change this to whatever you please. The entries displayed will be the most recent logs for all users for the points type that you have selected. If you want to display only the logs for the current user, use the WordPoints widget instead.

Points Logs Shortcode #

If you want to display the most recent logs in your posts or pages, have a look at the [wordpoints_points_logs] shortcode.