WordPoints 2.4.0 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of WordPoints 2.4.0. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs, polishes up some existing features, and also adds some new features.

Extensions #

One of the focuses in this feature is modules, which we’ve decided to rename to extensions. With this release, WordPoints extensions can now be updated from within your site’s WordPress admin screens, just as plugins can. If you’ve installed any extensions from WordPoints.org, you’ll notice this right away after you update WordPoints–you should see that some extension updates are available. Be sure to install those updates right away, and always keep your extensions up to date: it is the best way to keep your site bug-free and secure from hackers.

In addition to these visible changes in regard to extensions, the update also includes internal changes that make it easier for extensions to properly handle installation, updates, and uninstallation. This ensures that things keep running smoothly, and that extension developers can focus on more important things, like building great features.

Ranks #

Version 2.4.0 also includes a new shortcode to display a list of available ranks: [wordpoints_rank_list]. This is a feature that has been requested before, and now it is finally here!

In addition, the code of the ranks component has been greatly improved to give it a much-needed performance boost on sites with lots of users.

Points Reactions #

Another feature that has been requested before is the ability to award points for posts based on what category the post is in. WordPoints 2.4 also adds this feature, not just for posts and categories, but for tags and other taxonomies, and for all supported content types.

In the process, a bug was also discovered and fixed in regard to the “Max” setting of the “Contains” condition. This bug caused it to treat an empty maximum as a maximum of 0. This is now fixed so that an empty maximum means “no limit.”

The confirmation messages shown when deleting a reaction, rank, or points type, were also updated to give context about which particular item is being deleted. For points types, we further prevent accidental deletion by requiring the name of the points type to be typed into the confirmation box before it will be deleted.

When creating a points type, WordPoints now offers to create some basic demo reactions to help you get started.

Miscellaneous #

Additional fixes include a correction of invalid HTML on the profile admin screen, and prevention of a fatal error when viewing the points logs after deactivating the BuddyPress plugin.

Thanks also goes to @Gspin96 for a change to the top users table that ensures the ordering of users with the same number of points is consistent, rather than random. The user with the lowest ID will now be shown ahead of those with higher ID numbers when there is a tie.

Of course the release also includes many other small tweaks, fixes, and improvements. What would you like to see in the next release? Let us know in the comments, or vote for your favorite suggestions.

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