New feature release 1.3.0

I’ve just released version 1.3.0. This is update includes several new features.

  • User avatars are now displayed in the points logs table.
  • The [wordpoints_points] shortcode was added to display a user’s points. Read more about its usage here.
  • Users’ points total may be stored in a custom meta key, allowing integration with other plugins. This is an advanced feature that you can read more about in the developer guide.

In addition, I’ve also fixed an a few small issues. One thing that was fixed is that points logs for posts that have become private or protected are no longer displayed to users who can’t access the post. Formerly users were shown these logs, even though they didn’t have access to the posts. This problem would only have shown itself if you were to publish a post publicly, and then change it to a private post.

That is all for now. Work will start immediately on 1.4.0. If you have some features you would like to see, let me know. And if you want to test out any new features, try out the beta tester module.

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  1. Tim

    User avatars is certainly a good thing! I thought I notify you here of sth totally different: Your theme doesn’t highlight your links in any way (not in my browser), so I found myself hovering over the text to find the links… 😉

    • J.D. Grimes

      I’ve noticed this myself, but I haven’t fixed it yet. Thanks for the reminder.

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