Beta testers wanted!

If you have been using the WordPoints plugin and are looking for a way to give back, one way you can do that is by beta testing the next version of the plugin. I hinted before that I was working on a module for beta testing. You can download that here.

Before I go any farther, let me say that it is highly recommended that you don’t use this module on a production site. During the development of WordPoints, the plugin may have some bugs, which could potentially break your site. So you should only beta test the plugin on a test site.

Once you have installed the module, it will begin to do its work. It will check if there are any recent commits to the WordPoints GitHub repo where development of WordPoints takes place. By default it checks for new changes no more than once in six hours.

When new changes for WordPoints are detected, WordPress will give you a notice that the plugin needs an upgrade, just as it normally would. You update to the latest changes in the usual manner for updating a plugin. To see what changes have been made since you last updated, you can click on the “View changes” link. This will display a list of the most recent commits since your last update, with links to GitHub where you can view the code or for more info.

Being a beta tester lets you test the new features of the plugin before they are released. If you find any problems, you can let me know so it can be fixed before the next version is officially released.

Again let me recommend that you don’t use this module on a live site. Do so at your own risk.

Have fun beta testing!

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J.D. is the creator of WordPoints. In addition to web development, he also enjoys nature photography. The most important thing about him, though, is that Jesus Christ died for him to pay for his sins. He looks forward to meeting Jesus face to face in heaven one day, and he hopes he'll see you there, too.


  1. Ferran

    I was going to install cubepoints to make the gamification of my site but seeing you are so into it and that this is so recent I offer myself to help you out with beta testing 🙂 Send me an email if you want to talk about it. I will now install the plugin and give it a try.

  2. Tim

    I can’t beta test this and I haven’t yet tried your plugin, but I found it! 🙂 I do have many more ideas and I sent you an email…

  3. Rachel

    Hi all, we are testing a new website and have tried both cubepoints and wordpoints. At the end, we prefer wordpoints as there is ongoing development. We are still figuring some of the interactions out and are using buddy press, and the latest version of wordpress.

    It is a great plugin, and than you for your efforts on this. We are not professional developers so learning as we go. We have a few trial businesses that are helping us promote and test. We are happy to provide feedback.


    • J.D. Grimes

      Hi Rachel, thank you for the feedback. You may be happy to hear that I am working on a module that will integrate WordPoints with BuddyPress, but it may be a little while before it is finished. If you have any questions or feature requests, or have any issues to report, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and good luck!

  4. Red

    Hi, would certainly like to beta test the Buddypress module when it comes to fruition.
    Thanks for getting some gamification action happening again on WP.

  5. Nikos

    I install your plugin and i realy love it !! I ll try to write some modules . If you want a tester i can be that guy 😀

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