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The banner image of the CubePoints plugin on

The banner image of the CubePoints plugin on

CubePoints is a great plugin. In fact, it is the plugin that inspired me to create WordPoints. However, it hasn’t received any updates in over two years. The lack of development and support is what prompted me to create WordPoints, in addition to a desire to be able to create more than one type of points (a feature CubePoints doesn’t offer). CubePoints is still being used on thousands of sites, but since it is no longer being supported, using it is dangerous. If a security flaw were discovered in it, users would be left vulnerable without an easy way to fix it. There’s also the possibility that bugs will arise in the future as WordPress evolves.

Because of this, and at the request of someone wanting to switch from CubePoints to WordPoints, I’ve created the Importer module. This module lets you easily migrate from CubePoints to WordPoints without loosing any of your data. So if you’ve been considering making the switch, there’s no longer a reason to hold back.

And if you are using a different points plugin and want to migrate to WordPoints, let me know. I plan to add more possibilities to the Importer module in the future. Just ask.

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