Vote for your favorite feature requests!

Over time I’ve received many feature requests for WordPoints, and I’ve kept track of them in a list on my computer. But I’ve always wanted to make this list public so that people could vote for the requests that they wanted to see implemented. Well, I’ve just converted this list into a Trello board, so now you can! Just go to the board, log into Trello (signing up is free), look through the requests, and vote for your favorites by hovering over them with your mouse and hitting the “v” key on your keyboard (or by clicking on a feature and hitting the “Vote” button). Knowing how many people would like to use a feature will help me to have a better idea of which features I should work on next. Speaking of that, you can also see which features are currently being worked on and which ones are being planned for next there. And if you have a new idea, you can let me know about that there, too. See you there!

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