Better Translation Management

WordPoints is fully localizable in any language. So far, there are three translations included with the plugin:

  1. Brazilian Portuguese — Thanks goes to Gabriel Galvão.
  2. Simplified Chinese — Thanks to Jack Lee.
  3. Spanish — Thanks to Andrew Kurtis of WebHostingHub.

I’d also like to thank Raymond Calla, who is working on translating the plugin into Japanese.

Up to now, I haven’t really had a system worked out for adding and maintaining translations. I’d just add a new tranlation whenever anyone offered it, and after that they haven’t received much attention. I hope that is about to change. I’ve found a great translation creation and management tool created by Michal Čihař, called Weblate. As the name suggests, this lets you translate the plugin on the web using your browser. Formerly, you’d have to install translation tools on your computer. Michal has kindly made the service available for free to Open Source projects, and has agreed to host the WordPoints plugin. (Thanks Michal!) This should make it easier to create and maintain the translations, and will provide a platform for collaboration between translators as well. If you’d like to translate WordPoints into another language, or to help maintain one of the existing translations, you can get started at this link. International users will appreciate it!

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