1.7.0: Ranks are here!

Last evening I released 1.7.0, which is the biggest release since 1.0.0! A lot of work went into this release, mostly on the new Ranks component. There will be more features related to ranks coming in future versions.

In addition to introducing the Ranks component, this version also includes many minor code improvements, as always. Among these were two minor security fixes for vulnerabilities that would allow an attacker to possibly trick a user into adding or deleting points types. For this reason it is important to update as soon as possible. I’ll be talking more about plugin security in a forthcoming post.

The release also fixed a bug that would cause users who had never been awarded points to be left out of the top users table—even when they should have been displayed.

One thing that we didn’t have time to do in this release is make the Ranks screen more accessible to impaired users. I’m committed to accessibility, so look for that to come as part of the next release.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this release, including bug reports or feature requests. You can leave a comment below or use our contact page to get in touch.

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