WordPoints 1.10 will drop support for WordPress 3.8

WordPoints 1.10.0 is currently in development, with plans to release it around the end of February. WordPoints has required at least WordPress version 3.8 since version 1.7.0. I’ve made the decision to update the requirement to at least WordPress 3.9. The reason for this it twofold: first, WordPress 3.8 is 4 versions old and people have had plenty of time to upgrade. Secondly, the more versions of WordPress I attempt to support, the more time it takes to test the plugin. There is also a bug in 3.8 that makes it so I can’t run part of the automated test suite against that version. Ultimately, continuing to support older versions of WordPress means that development speed and overall quality of the plugin will suffer.

If you haven’t upgraded your site from 3.8 yet, I encourage you to do so now. Otherwise you will begin to experience bugs in future versions of WordPoints, and possibly not be able to upgrade WordPoints at all because it will kill your site. There are lots of good features introduced since 3.8, so there’s no excuse not to update!

While you are updating, go all the way to 4.1. We’ll be dropping support for 3.9 soon as well, and it’s possible that WordPoints 2.0 will require version 4.1+.

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