Maintenance Release 1.1.1

I just tagged 1.1.1 which is a maintenance release to fix a few small bugs in 1.1.0. There were two main bugs that were fixed. First, since 1.0.1, we’ve been trying to make the points component active by default (which makes sense, doh). But though I thought that this was working (I actually thought that I had unit tests for it), it wasn’t (and I didn’t). Now it is (and I do). The second bug was that the language files (well, OK, there weren’t actually any language files yet) weren’t being loaded by the plugin. I discovered this thanks to Gabriel Galvao, who supplied me with a “.mo“ file for Brazilian Portuguese (which is now included with the plugin).

So, yeah, maintenance releases are usually kind of boring. The good news is that meanwhile lots of cool stuff is going into the next version of WordPoints over there on GitHub.

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  1. Andoru Ray

    i wish your plugin can be implemented for marketpress or woocomerce.
    great plugin btw 🙂

    *sorry for my bad english

    • J.D. Grimes

      Thank you for the feedback, Andoru. I will see about integrating the plugin with marketpress and woocommerce soon.

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