Predefined points logs queries

The points component of WordPoints keeps a log of all points transactions that it performs. The logs can be viewed by administrators on the WordPoints ยป Points Logs admin panel, or on the front end of the site using a shortcode or widget. Logs queries control which logs are displayed to the user.

By default, all logs for the current site are displayed to the user. This is the 'default' logs query. WordPoints also includes some other predefined logs queries that make it easy to limit which logs are displayed. Below is a list of the points logs queries that are currently offered:

  • 'default' — This is the default query, and displays all of the logs for the current site.
  • 'current_user' — Displays only the logs for changes to the points of the current user.
  • 'network' — When WordPoints is installed on a multisite network, this query will display all of the logs for all sites in the network.

Developers can also create custom logs queries {@todo add link}.