Post Delete Points Hook

The Post Delete points hook is deprecated since version 1.9.0, and will probably be removed in a future version. It is only available on legacy installs. If you are still using the Comment Removed hook, it is recommended that you switch to using the auto-reversal feature of the Post hook instead.

The post delete points hook subtracts points when a post is permanently deleted. Like the post point hook it works with posts, pages, attachments, and custom post types.

Settings for the post delete points hook

Settings for the post delete points hook

Configuration #

The hook may be configured to subtract points for only a single post type, like Pages, or for any post type. If you choose the “Any” option, points will be removed for a post that is of any of the types listed in the dropdown. If a post type isn’t listed in the dropdown, that is because it is not being registered as a public post type. The public post types that WordPress currently (3.9) includes are Posts, Pages, and Attachments. Other post types may be added by plugins, and these will be listed as well.

If you want to remove points for multiple post types, but not all of them, you can add multiple instances of the hook to your points type, and configure each of them to remove points for a single type of post. For example, you may wish to remove points for Posts and Attachments, but not Pages. This can be done by adding one instance of the hook and selecting Posts, and another instance for Attachments. This also allows you to remove different amounts of points for different post types when they are deleted.

Points are removed when a post is permanently deleted. Moving a post to the trash is not enough, you have to delete it.