Comment Removed Points Hook

The Comment Removed points hook is deprecated since version 1.9.0, and will probably be removed in a future version. It is only available on legacy installs. If you are still using the Comment Removed hook, it is recommended that you switch to using the auto-reversal feature of the Comment hook instead.

The Comment Removed points hook subtracts from a user’s points when one of their comments is removed.

The settings for the Comment Removed points hook.

Configuration #

The points for comment removal are subtracted when a user’s comment gets moved to the trash, marked as spam, or unapproved.

The comment points hook lets you choose a post type in addition to the number of points to remove. (This feature was added in version 1.5.0.) To remove points for comments on any points type, select “Any”. To only remove points for comments of a specific post type, like Pages, select it in the list. If you would like to remove points for removed comments on multiple types of posts, add multiple instances of the Comments Removed points hook to your points type.

Using with the Comment Points Hook #

This points hook compliments the Comment points hook. If both a Comment and a Comment Removed hook are configured, they will work together: If the comment gets approved again, the approve points will be awarded a second time. If it gets removed again, the removal points will also be subtracted the second time. There is no limit to the number of times that these hooks will run for a single comment. But each will only one once at a time, and won’t award/subtract points again until the other hook has been fired. So if you mark a comment as spam and then move it to the trash, the points will be removed only once, but if you mark it as spam, approve it again, and then decide to move it to the trash, points will be removed twice: when it is marked as spam, and again when it is moved to the trash. But only if the Comment hook fires when the comment is approved. If no Comment hook is configured, the points will only be removed when the comment is first marked as spam.