Dynamic Points

Have you ever wanted to award points based on the cost of an order, or some other number relating to an event? Well, now you can with the Dynamic Points extension!

Settings of a reaction using dynamic points.

This extension let’s the number of points a reaction awards be calculated dynamically when the event occurs, based on one of the attributes of an item relating to the event.

Main features:

  • The number of points awarded is based on the value of an entity attribute whose value is an integer or decimal number.
  • The value may be multiplied by any number you choose, like 5 or 0.1.
  • When using a decimal number attribute or multiplying by a decimal value, you can choose what rounding method to use (round to the nearest integer, round up, or round down).
  • You can set a minimum and/or maximum number of points to award. When the dynamically calculated number of points is less than the minimum or more than the maximum, the minimum or maximum number will be awarded instead, respectively.
  • Information about how the points are calculated is shown in the How To Get Points shortcode.

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Requires: WordPoints 2.4+

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