Democracy Poll

This extension integrates WordPoints with the Democracy Poll plugin.

Features #

This extension adds the Vote in Poll event to the Points Types admin screen. This event can be used to award points to a user for voting in a poll.

Requirements #

  • WordPoints: 2.4+
  • Democracy Poll: 5.3.4+
  • PHP: 5.3+

The PHP version is a requirement of the Democracy Poll plugin itself, and so you should not need to worry about that if you are already using the latest version of the Democracy Poll plugin. If the plugin works for you, you have the correct version of PHP, and this extension will work as well.

Special Notice #

At WordPoints, we strive to deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With this in mind, we usually try to carefully choose what plugins we integrate with. So as a courtesy to potential buyers of this extension, we feel compelled to make a few things clear before they purchase.

This extension was created at the specific request of a user, who was willing to pay for us to develop it. We have made it available to others here in case they are already using the Democracy Poll plugin, and might find this extension useful.

We think that it should be noted, however, that the Democracy Poll plugin is not of the same caliber as BuddyPress, for example. It is a nice free plugin, but it is currently maintained by a single developer, and doesn’t appear to have a supporting community. As such, we observed that its code could use some polish. Also, support requests for the plugin on do not appear to be receiving timely responses. That said, a few issues which we noticed during development of this extension, and brought up to the author of the Democracy Poll plugin, were quickly fixed by them. And other code improvements have continued since then.

Of course, we will endeavor to support and maintain this extension to the best of our ability, but we feel the need to give potential buyers fair warning that this may not always be smooth. If you have not decided what poll plugin to use yet, we’d recommend considering the available options carefully before choosing Democracy Poll. And if you’d like to see WordPoints integrated with another polls plugin, let us know!

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