What is WordPoints? #


Points management. Rewards program. Reputation tracker. WordPoints can do each of those—and even all of those at once. Whatever you want to do with your points, WordPoints can help. And if you want to do it all, that’s OK too. WordPoints doesn’t limit you to one type of points: you can create two, or three, or ten if you want to. With WordPoints you can handle all of them.


WordPoints is easy to configure. It’s all done with points “reactions”, which is just a fancy way of saying that you can configure your points type to “react” to specific user actions, or “events”, to award points. Do you want to award users points when they register? There’s an event for that; just fill in the number of points. Do you want to award points when they leave a comment? There’s an event for that, too. See them all.


Instead of trying to do everything, WordPoints is built with simplicity and extensibility in mind. You won’t feel overwhelmed by features and settings you don’t need. Instead, some features—like integrations with other plugins—are available as separate extensions which you only install as needed. The plugin’s extensibility also makes it easy for other developers to build their own extensions, too.


WordPoints is fully internationalized, and is already available in several languages, including Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Testing that the plugin is fully translatable is automatically performed by developer tools as part of the development process. We also make it easy for translators, by hosting the project on translate.wordpress.org. Are you bilingual? Feel free to jump in!


Security should always be a top priority. That’s why manual and automated security inspections are a part of WordPoints’s everyday development process. We always follow the latest WordPress security techniques and best practices, and sometimes even go beyond them. We also work with the wider community through our bug bounty program, to ensure that security issues are disclosed to us quickly and responsibly. We’ve even pledged that your site will never get hacked through WordPoints, or cleanup’s on us.


WordPoints is developed with performance in mind, using best practices and taking full advantage of the caching API provided by WordPress. So you don’t need to worry that WordPoints will negatively impact your site. And if you are using a caching plugin, WordPoints will speed up with you.


Have you ever installed or updated a plugin and experienced the infamous white screen of death? Not with WordPoints! (We guarantee it.) Every time we commit a change to WordPoints it undergoes several different suites of automated tests to ensure that the plugin is 100% compatible with all of the supported versions of WordPress and PHP. And we’re constantly improving the tests to ensure bugs are caught before they ever make it into the wild.


Have a question? Need help? Don’t worry. We provide support for WordPoints through our forums and on WordPress.org. We don’t just check the forums periodically, we’re subscribed to notifications from them, so we know the moment you post and can reply as soon as possible. You can also contact us directly if you need to.


Haven’t fallen in love with WordPoints yet? Take a look at the plugin’s reviews on WordPress.org, and see what others are saying: “After testing a lot of gamify plugin[s] out there, this one is the best.” “Support from developers are so fast and great. Keep going !!!” So far, no reviewer has given it less than 4 stars!


WordPoints is and always will be 100% free and GPL licensed, just like WordPress. That means you are free to use it, free to study it’s code, free to modify it, and free to give your code back to the community. All of the extensions offered on WordPoints.org are GPL licensed, too.

Features #

Points Logs

WordPoints keeps track of every points transaction, so if you want to know exactly what it’s been doing, you can view the entire transaction history on the points logs screen. You can also display the logs on the front end of your site using a shortcode and a widget, so your users can see who is earning points, too. The logs are paginated and searchable, and its also possible to show just the logs for the current user.

Leader Board

Let your users see who has the most points, using either a shortcode or widget. Both can be configured to display just the number of users you want: the top 3, top 10, even top 100, or anything in between.


WordPoints includes a ranks component that, once enabled, will turn it into a ranks manager too. Create as many ranks as you want—just name them and fill in the number of points a user must have. Then your users will automatically be assigned a rank based on their points, and their rank will be updated automatically as they earn and lose points.

Next #

Check out the user guide to learn more, or download WordPoints now to get started!

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