How to Award Points Based on User Roles

Using conditions, you can have a reaction award points only to users with a particular role. First, add an Equals condition on the Roles of the user. In this example, we’ll award points based on the role of the comment author, so we’ll add an Equals condition on the Comment » Author » Roles. That will look like this:

Because a user can actually have multiple roles, the user Roles are treated as a list of items. To restrict to users with a specific role, we actually have to add a sub-condition using the Conditions section at the bottom. Adding a Role Equals condition will give us the option to then choose the role:

In this example, we’ve chosen the Contributor role.

Taken all together, our condition here says that the Roles of the Comment Author must include at least one Contributor role. That means that the user will not be awarded if they don’t have the contributor role, but they will be if they do.