Integrates WordPoints with the wpDataTables plugin.

Features #

Creates an Add Row to Table event for each table that you have created.

  • Can be used to award points to the user whose ID is stored in one of the row fields.
  • Conditions can be set on the values of each of the row fields.
  • The points will automatically be removed when the row is deleted.

This extension is great to use with front-end editing and user submissions!

Requirements #

  • wpDataTables (pro version): 1.7+
  • WordPoints: 2.4+
  • PHP: 5.3+

The wpDataTables plugin does not seem to support PHP 5.2, and so this extension has only been tested with PHP 5.3+. For most users this is not important; if you are already running wpDataTables, then this extension should work fine for you as well.

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