Points Logs Regenerator

WordPoints keeps track of all the points transactions in the points logs. The points logs are static; once a message is written to the logs, that is exactly the way it will stay. Usually this is a good thing. It means your site does less work when it displays the logs. It also makes it possible to search the logs, and, on multisite, to display them on different sites around the network more easily.

There are rare cases, however, when the logs get stale. This happens when a post is deleted, for example. All of the logs which link to that post will now have a link to a post that doesn’t exist. WordPoints is actually smart enough to automatically regenerate logs when a post is deleted. But there are other times where it doesn’t know that something has changed. A common case is when you’ve created a translation of the plugin, but your old logs will still be appearing in English.

This problem is solved by this extension, which will let you regenerate the logs using a button at the top of the Points Logs administration screen.

Requires: WordPoints 2.4+

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