Maintenance Release 1.5.1

Yesterday, I released version 1.5.1, which is a maintenance release for version 1.5.0. It includes two bug fixes:

  1. Cyrillic characters weren’t being displayed properly in the points logs. Thanks goes to @joyspark for reporting this. This issue was caused by the character set of the points logs database table not being set properly. This version updates the character set, so non-English characters should be saved and displayed properly now.
  2. Version 1.5.0 introduced the ability to specify a particular post type for the Comment and Comment Removed points hooks. The list of available post types is shown in a dropdown, and even post types that don’t support comments were being shown! This could be confusing to users, so starting in version 1.5.1, only post types that support comments are shown as options for these points hooks.

As this was a maintenance release, no new features were added. Those will come in 1.6.0. For some hints at what those new features might be, you can always view the plugin’s road map.

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