This module integrates WordPoints with the WooCommerce plugin, by providing a payment gateway that let’s your users pay for products with points. The gateway will make sure that users have enough points before letting them pay, and also fully supports refunds. The payments and refunds are logged, as with all points transactions, and the log includes the order number.

You can easily configure the gateway to use the points type of your choice, if you are using multiple points types. However, you will have to choose just one type of points; you can’t let users choose between several different points types to pay with. Other configuration options include the name and description of the gateway shown to the user when they checkout. You can also set how much points are worth. You can, for example, have $1 be equivalent to 1 point, or you can have $1 be worth 100 points.

New features planned to be added in the near future include the ability to sell points as a product, or to award points to users when they place an order.

Requirements #

  • WordPoints 2.1+
  • WooCommerce 2.3+
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